Thursday, 8 August 2013

Celebrating my sewing anniversary with a Sorbetto!

Exactly one year ago today I took my first ever sewing workshop.  Little did I know what a mild curiosity to try something new and a bit creative would lead me to.

Transforming our spare room into a sewing haven?  Meeting up with a group of people I didn’t know so we could talk and shop sewing all afternoon? Preferring to read sewing posts on bloglovin, to status updates on facebook?  Making sure trips away now include a detour to the local fabric shop? Taking sewing patterns to bed as bedtime reading?

I must admit my enthusiasm and interest in the world of sewing is much bigger than my actual output and ability.  I’ve seen bloggers that have already made ballgowns by the end of year one.

But slowly and surely I’m improving and trying new things, and I’m pleased to report that I’ve managed to finish year one on a high by completing my favourite ever project last night.  Introducing my Colette sorbetto top:

It was made with some fabric I bought in May from Mood in New York.  I don't know exactly what type but it hardly creases, drapes well, and is more stretchy than the usual cotton fabrics I'm used to.   I've just found a lovely little haberdashery down the road from me with excellent customer service, and so next time I'm in there I'm planning on taking a swatch with me so they can educate me what it is.  It is beautiful to work with and wear, whatever it may be :)

It's hard to see the front pleat in the photos above, but I really like this simple detail and I was pleased the time I took to make sure the pattern was nicely symmetrical paid off.  

I used binding on the baby kimonos I made a few months ago, but haven't used it much since.  The Colette instructions were great at explaining how to do this, and in particular how to do it as a continuous circular binding.  

It was also the first pattern I've ever made a muslin for.  I thought this would be really tedious and feel like a false start.  But actually I enjoyed the opportunity to practice the techniques and get acquainted with the instructions, and it was quite liberating to be able to carelessly cut and stitch away, even though I didn't end up making any changes to the size 4 pattern I cut (though I did think the bust darts might not be quite right).

Clashing terribly.  But here's me posing with my first ever creation, from a year ago today, my beloved tote bag!  It hangs in my sewing room, as a nice momento of my sewing journey.  One look at the dodgy interior seams is a useful morale booster for making me feel like I've actually improved. 

I can't believe Colette patterns were so generous as to release this wonderful Sorbetto top pattern completely free of charge.  Whatever their marketing strategy, it's certainly worked.  I'm now well and truly smitten with them, and Mr Fabric Maverick has just bought me their Hazel dress pattern as a sewing anniversary present! Lucky me :)

So on to year two.  My goals are:

- to make a dress, trousers and jacket
- to participate in Me-Made-May 2014 (a pledge to wear three hand-made items a week)
- to make Mr Fabric Maverick an item of clothing
-to engage more with the wonderful, fun and talented online sewing community, rather than just admiring them from afar.

I always debate about whether to ask questions at the end of posts, as I know from my stats I don't have many readers.   But I'd always love to receive any comments or feedback.  I'd also be curious to know if anyone else has pinpointed the start of their sewing days to a particular date, and whether they (or their partner!) mark this in any way? And if anyone knows what my fabric is just by looking please let me know!


  1. Can't help on the fabric :-( but love the finished sorbetto! Congratulations on your year of sewing so far, I've returned back to sewing after a 10 year + hiatus and now realize just how bad I was before!! Here's to improving x

    1. Thanks Jenni, that's really great you came back to sewing. This time round I'm sure there's much more online inspiration to get you properly addicted! Good luck with the improving :)

  2. Welcome to the sewing group! I'm following you now, so we can be sewing beginners together. :) I love your Sorbetto!

    Mine was okay, but the bias binding was just puckering all over the place. ( I should really try to make another one!

    1. Thank you! I've had a lot of puckering issues when attaching waistbands to skirts so took it really slow on the sorbetto which helped. I'm looking forward to your refashion challenge :)