Saturday, 30 November 2013

The Regenerating Jon Pertwee Blouse

It's the last day of Fanbloomingtastic's Doctor Who Sew Along.  Where Project Runway meets planet Gallifrey. 

I've had this in the calendar since the Bowie Sew Along earlier this year.  I didn't grow up watching Doctor Who, but Mr Fabric Maverick has been a lifelong fan.  So for the last decade I've seen my fair share, enough to make the 50th anniversary celebrations last week nostalgic and sentimental.

So for the Sew Along I regenerated this unloved shirt...

Into this Jon Pertwee tribute blouse:

If you're not so well acquainted with Doctor Who, Jon Pertwee was the suave, dashing third doctor.  His outfits were very 70s, flamboyant and frilly, with capes, velvet smoking jackets, bow ties, cravats and ruffled shirts.

This was the first refashion I've done, and I found it really liberating to not have to start from scratch. I used this detailed tutorial from Chic Steals. I rushed through it, and so the quality of the finish isn't great, but I like the overall ruffle effect.  

Racing through did have an advantage though, as it meant I had time to make a special accompanying companion...

In Fanbloomingtastic's last Sew Along my humble Bowie penguin got a generous reception from Tempest, so I thought I'd carry on the theme with a matching Pertwee penguin.  I didn't have to buy a single thing for either the top or the penguin, as luckily my stash is tardis like and had some blue velvet lingering within it.

So happy 50th Birthday Doctor Who!  Thank you to Tempest for the Sew Along, it's been an unusual and interesting way to celebrate the anniversary :)

As frills aren't really my thing, this top was only going to be fancy dress.  Now it's finished I've actually taken a bit of a shine to it though.  We've a cool Austin Powers style 70s cocktail bar a couple of blocks from our flat, and so I felt quite the time traveller wearing my 70s top there tonight!

A toast to the next 50 years... x


  1. Welldone on your first refashion! It looks fantastic! I love frills like this however my boobs do not *sadface* It doesn't look fancy dress to me though, definitely an out and about kind of top!

    1. Thank you :) Part of me thought fancy dress and the other part of me thought office wear. So I think I'll side with you and declare it an out and about top!