Sunday, 25 May 2014

Lladybird inspired Tie-less Miette

One thing Me-Made-May has taught me is that I really don't like clothes that crease. I'm getting down to the last few handmade items I own now, but I still keep on bypassing my wrinkle-prone Miette skirt.  The stretch denim fabric looks fine when freshly ironed, but after the simplest of exertions, like sitting down, it's plagued with unflattering creases.

Second time round I've found a more savvy and softer fabric, and so now it's only my shop bought strappy top that's looking dishevelled (jeez!) 

This second version is also much more me, as I've always been slightly wary about the big bow at the front of this Tilly and the Buttons' pattern.  Very cute, but not a look that is quite my cup of tea, and so I loved Lauren from Lladybird's recent tie-less version and followed her instructions for switching the ties to buttons.  I was also tempted by the shorter length of Lauren's skirt, but thought keeping the original length showed off the patchwork pattern on this particular fabric better.

The fabric was a steal at $4 CAD total from the bargain rail of my local haberdashery. It seems to be a cotton linen with a fleecy backing and the patchwork pattern has a decorative wavy stitching around each piece. It reminds me of a favourite skirt I had a few years ago that I wore to Mr Fabric Maverick's first graduation and so it's nice to have a nostalgic replica. 

I think the only difference I made from Lauren's instructions was that I hid my buttons on the inside. You can see from my poor mis-matched button choice that this was probably for the best, although it does make a nice design feature to display them on the outside of the waistband like Lauren did.

Skipping out the ties was also hugely time saving, especially as for once my buttonhole foot was having a good day. I wouldn't go as far as to say I whipped it up but if we're going to use cooking terminology I'd say there was just some gentle simmering going on here! 

I'm hoping that now it's G&T on the terrace weather this first addition to my Summer wardrobe will quickly be followed by the floaty Tania culottes (Megan Nielsen patterns) that are currently on my sewing table.  I've not worn culottes since the Girl Guides so this should be a nostalgic make too! Ha! 


  1. I like it! I can't wait to see your culottes! So weird to say that for a Frenchy!! I even saw some Tania in knit in the websphere...

  2. I had to google the French translation, I never knew!! I'm pleased I found out before I have any intimate discussions about my culottes with any Francophone friends!!

  3. What a perfect choice of fabric for that pattern. It looks great.

    (I have a similar American English to British English problem with all the pants on the blogosphere that I would call trousers, it's positively brazen to show the world your pants around these parts. Plus pants is also used as slang to mean rubbish too...)

    1. Thank you very much, and being a Brit living in Canada I totally get the pants things too!! :)