Sunday, 8 June 2014

Final Thoughts on Me-Made-May 2014

A week has now passed since the end of Me-Made-May, and reflecting back I can see that the challenge has been one of the biggest leaps forward for me since I started sewing nearly two years ago.  I now see my home-made clothes less as fragile show pieces that might unravel at any moment, and instead for their potential to inject some well needed colour, interest and fun into my everyday wardrobe.

It was the first time I've ever worn me-made to work, and my colleagues ended up embracing the concept to the extent that they were disappointed on the days when I was wearing my regular shop bought clothes!  It also motivated me to tackle some of my repairs pile.  A pile that always sits neglected at the back of the queue, but which actually seems to harvest the best effort to output ratio of all, as in little under an hour three flawed hand-made items were restored back to life.

For me the challenge also highlighted how being a technology dinosaur is hindering me from getting the most out of the sewing community. I don't have a smart phone or instagram account, and as the month progressed I became more and more aware of how I was missing out on the realtime interaction and updates that other Me-Made-May-ers were enjoying online :( But my phone contract will be up shortly so hopefully Me-Made-May 2015 will see me join the twenty-first century with lots more online mingling!

Me-Made-May inspired many more thoughts, resolutions and insights into my wardrobe and sewing endeavours but I don't think they'll make for very interesting reading.  So instead I'm going to dive straight on to the final batch of Me-Made-May photos for the second half of the challenge.  I've lost track of the dates, but these are the last three weeks worth of my challenge (three items per week):

An un-blogged Sorbetto top (Colette patterns).  The fabric was from the Liberty store bargain bin in London, but I find it a bit old-fashioned so I kept my jacket buttoned up all day!

Home-made PJ pants (no pattern) to chill in at the weekend.  After seeing Dr Who's Matt Smith in American Psycho the musical in England at Christmas, I've been keen to try the book...

Unblogged baby blue Simplicity 2451, version D.  Definitely not going to win any style awards for this outfit combo but at least I'll not inadvertently be hit by a bus either!

Unblogged Tilly and the Buttons Coco top (the same fabric as my dress but I had enough left over to make a top too).  I was off to support my Irish friend Martin who was doing a charity fun run.

Colette iris shorts.  I'm not quite convinced by the fit on these but I was happy enough lounging around the house in them.  

Backdrop is the lively little park in my neighbourhood with the famous picture-postcard traditional Montreal houses

So that's all for Me-Made-May 2014.  Although I missed out on the instagram mingling during Me-Made-May, at least I get to do some real-life mingling next week at the Montreal meet-up Caroline has organized!  Looking forward to seeing the locals there :)


  1. Fabulous post. Great sews. I look forward to seeing you.

  2. I'll be there too! BTW, I was bullied into joining Instagram by the NYC ladies and now I see why people use it. :)

  3. Awesome! You have made so much! How satisfying!

  4. As promised, here are the links we were talking about last Saturday:

    Shaukat Fabrics: 170 Old Brompton Road, London. (apparently they ship to Canada for 5GBP)

    Penny Dreadful: